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Many of the appliances and furniture we have restored are truly one-of-a-kind, museum-quality pieces. Not all of our restorations are of this caliber, or are this detailed, but if you have a truly special piece you can trust us to restore it to its original beauty - or improve on its original condition!


O'Keefe & Merritt 351/2
Color: Sunshine Yellow

35 inch baby bue single oven and pate warmer/storage

36 inch Yellow Wedgewood with shelf and a 24 inch vintage 1 door refer


21 inch oKeefe & Merritt

21 inch wedgewood orig porcline

Wedgewood 21" Wide
Color: white

40" Wedgewood Low Back

40s O'Keefe & Merriltt

Combo 40" Wedgewood Low Back

Michael Jackson admiring his fully restored Mickey

Emmett with daughter Lisa

Savon Appliance

  • Hi,    The stove arrived tonight after dark and it is so beautiful.   There was 5 other people here (friends and neighbors) and they were in awe.  RH
  • Occasionally I am stunned when I find a business where the proprietor was on hand, knew the business and product in and out, told the absolute truth and was looking out for the consumer.! - Janet A North Hollywood, CA
  • Talk about amazing customer service and really caring person to person instead of just the $$. So nice & refreshing. Also, my Mom bought a stove from them about 8 years ago and they have taken care of that too, still working beautifully for her. I highly recommend them, really amazing. Ashley B